Opposition Press Releases


Appointment of Richard Niall QC to the Court of Appeal

Opposition Press Releases

Like we said two years ago, we congratulate Mr Richard Niall QC on his appointment to the Court of Appeal, but hope that his work in relation to the Labor Party, particularly concerning the East West Link three years ago, and which was used by Daniel Andrews for highly partisan purposes, does not interfere with the important and highly complex work he must undertake on behalf of all Victorians as a senior judge.

Three years ago, Mr Niall QC, gave advice to the Labor Party which was disgracefully relied upon by Daniel Andrews to suggest that the East West Link contract wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

As everyone now knows, that was completely wrong and Victorians were slugged $1.3 billion in compensation not to build a major road that’s desperately needed.

Members of Victoria's Court of Appeal occupy a crucial role that they must discharge independently and without fear or favour.

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