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Report conclusive evidence that Andrews Government has failed to tackle crime gangs

Opposition Press Releases
The tabling today of a report under section 133 of the Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012 (COCA) confirms that the Andrews Labor Government has completely failed to do anything to tackle out-of-control crime gangs in Victoria.

The attached one-page report confirms that no applications for declarations, control orders or non-association orders were made in 2016-17.

With crime rates under Daniel Andrews the worst they have ever been, the fact that no attempts have been made to shut down violent and nefarious criminal syndicates and the thugs who operate them, is extraordinary.

The COCA is a vital piece of legislation that the Government must use if skyrocketing crimes rates are to be arrested.

The report confirms how pathetically ineffective Daniel Andrews’ soft on crime policy has been in the face of brutal but sophisticated criminal syndicates that are running rings around his Government.

It’s no wonder the Attorney-General sat on the report and refused to table it during the last sitting week.

A Liberal Nationals Government will crack down on gangs by ensuring that the full force of the law is applied so those gangs and the individuals who peddle in human misery are stopped in their tracks.

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