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Home invasions and sexual offences soar under Daniel Andrews

Opposition Press Releases

Before Daniel Andrews was elected, hardly anyone had even heard of a home invasion. Now they’re up 54.5% under his watch.

Overall crime statistics show crime is up 12.5% under Daniel Andrews.

Since Daniel Andrews was elected, robbery is up 32.4%, sexual offences are up 29.8%, home invasions are up 54.5%, assault is up 17.2%, motor vehicle theft is up 20.5% and firearms offences are up 14.6%.

We need to tackle the violent crime scourge in our community which cannot be done with the revolving door of soft justice and sentencing under Daniel Andrews.

The plague of serious violent offences in our community reflects the need for mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders. Repeat violent offenders should serve mandatory jail times, not be out in the community committing more violent crimes.

Only the Liberal Nationals have a plan for mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders.

Under Daniel Andrews, victims continue to be put second to those violent criminals who harmed them. Victims should come first and under a Liberal Nationals Government, they will.

Earlier this year, I introduced a range of policies to protect and strengthen the rights of victims in conjunction with the Liberal Nationals Justice Reference Group such as a victims first clause in all relevant justice related legislation and a new victims rapid response service to provide support to victims of crime.

At the next election, Victorians will have a clear choice. Victorians will have a choice of more of the same soft touch approach by Daniel Andrews or the Liberals Nationals policy of mandatory sentencing and a stronger, tougher approach to violent criminals.

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