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Daniel Andrews giving Transurban a license to print money

Opposition Press Releases

ASX reports that Transurban’s earnings for CityLink is up 17.5% - despite traffic numbers falling - is a kick in the teeth to Melbourne motorists.

This is more evidence that Daniel Andrews’ decision to ram through the Westgate Tunnel project is giving Transurban a license to print money.

If it’s a choice between Transurban making super profits or looking after Melbourne motorists already struggling with cost of living pressures, Daniel Andrews will choose Transurban every single time.

Motorists in Melbourne’s northern, eastern and south-eastern suburbs are being asked to pay tens of billions of dollars in more tolls to fund a road in the western suburbs.

In 2014 Daniel Andrews was all about transparency and business cases.

It’s now time for Daniel Andrews to release the un-redacted business case for the Westgate Tunnel so Victorians can see exactly how much of their money the Premier is handing to Transurban.

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