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Daniel Andrews: Stop preaching about safe schools and start practicing it

Opposition Press Releases

There is clearly something very wrong with Victoria’s education system when a school can’t expel a student for plotting to fatally poison another student.

Every parent should be horrified that such a serious matter has been swept under the carpet by the Department of Education and the Andrews Government.

Reports that the intended victim was then forced to take out a restraining order against one of the plotters shows that when it comes to ‘safe schools’, the Andrews Government isn’t practicing what it preaches.

On Monday when the Herald Sun broke the story, James Merlino said the Andrews Government handled this attempted murder plot appropriately.

Now we know the parents of the young victim were forced to take out a restraining order in their own school.

It is obvious James Merlino has breached his duty of care to Victorian students. This Minister is clearly so distracted by his Government’s war on the 60,000 CFA volunteers that he is failing his basic duty as Education Minister to keep our schools safe.

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