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Is there a secret Labor plan for Ice injecting rooms in Mordialloc?

Opposition Press Releases

Today, reports exposed Labor’s plan to allow methamphetamine, or Ice, to be used in its North Richmond drug injecting room.

This followed a promise from Daniel Andrews’ Mental Health Minister Martin Foley that

"…methamphetamine and ice will not be allowed. It's a different type of drug and a different type of risk that comes with it" (The Age, 31 October 2017)

Victorians couldn’t trust Daniel Andrews when he promised in 2014 that he wouldn’t introduce a drug injecting room in our state.

Daniel Andrews has lied before on drug injecting rooms and he will lie again.

How can we believe Daniel Andrews and Tim Richardson when Labor says it won’t introduce one in our neighbourhood?

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Emma Kealy:

“Daniel Andrews’ drug injecting room will destroy lives, not save them.

“Labor Member for Mordialloc, Tim Richardson cannot be trusted on Heroin and Ice injecting rooms.

“The Ombudsman’s investigation into Labor’s ‘Red Shirts’ rorts has found that Labor’s campaign to elect Tim Richardson rorted $5,354 from Victorian taxpayers. Tim Richardson and Labor simply can’t be trusted.

“Daniel Andrews and Tim Richardson have been caught out lying too many times on injecting rooms and we all know it’s only a matter of time before Daniel Andrews’ plan includes opening drug injecting rooms in suburbs like Mordialloc, Parkdale and Chelsea.”

Comments attributable to Liberal Candidate for Mordialloc, Geoff Gledhill:

“Our community should not have to put up with having an Ice injecting room in the Mordialloc area.

“Ice addicts are often violent, dangerous and out of control and risk the safety of our community hanging around injecting rooms in suburbs like Mordialloc, Parkdale and Chelsea.

“I will be working hard with the local community to stop Labor’s secret plan to rollout more Ice injecting rooms throughout our local suburbs.”

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