Opposition Press Releases


Daniel Andrews’ two-faced gas hypocrisy

Opposition Press Releases

Daniel Andrews’ open invitation for industry to drill for gas in the Otway Basin from onshore locations is a complete mockery of his own onshore gas ban.

This Premier is so lost on energy policy he will pander to environmental groups by blocking onshore gas until 2020, yet give the green light for industry to drill holes in a Marine National Park from onshore locations.

Daniel Andrews is so desperate to chase green votes in Brunswick and Richmond he’s blinded to the energy affordability crisis his own ideological policies have created.

Whilst Labor continues to play political games with our energy supply, Victorians are paying $500 more for gas, $300 more for electricity with no end to the price pain in sight.

Victorians are sick and tired of Labor’s onshore gas hypocrisy and just want to pay a fair price for power.

Only a Matthew Guy Government will open up Victoria’s onshore gas reserves and get Labor’s skyrocketing energy prices under control.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick:

“Daniel Andrews can’t even get a clear position on his energy policy.

“Victorians have a choice at the next election between Daniel Andrews who wants to drive up power prices or a Matthew Guy Government who will open our gas reserves and get prices under control.

“Only a Matthew Guy Government will overturn Labor’s ideological gas ban, lower energy prices and ease cost of living pressures for all Victorians.”

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