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Liberal Nationals to fix victim compensation system

Opposition Press Releases

Reports today that a victim of crime is unable to access counselling services for her horrific trauma shows we need to fix our justice system.

Our justice system should be putting victims of crime first and supporting them.

That is why Matthew Guy announced last year we would extend the assistance period to support victims to 15 years.

A Liberal Nationals Government will extend the rights of victims of crime to make applications for variations of financial assistance from 6 years to up to 15 years.

This will apply in exceptional cases (if medically supported) and will be 10 years in all other cases.

Further, in exceptional circumstances applications for secondary awards of financial assistance will be able to be made up to 10 years from the date of an original award.

Many victims continue to suffer long-term trauma including anxiety, depression and PTSD as a result of their harrowing crime experiences and require counselling, support services and treatment well beyond the existing maximum financial assistance and payment period of 6 years.

As witnessed today, a common complaint of many victims of crime and advocacy groups is that the current 6 year maximum is simply not sufficient to provide appropriate continued support and recovery relief to many victims.

These policies have been formed in consultation with the Liberal Nationals Victims of Crime Justice Reference Group.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Police, Edward O’Donohue:

“The Liberal Nationals will give victims a voice and put them front and centre when considering reforms to the justice system.

“Under Daniel Andrews, those who commit crimes have greater protections than those who they harm and this needs to stop.

“We need to fix our system to ensure we look after our vulnerable victims of the crime wave Daniel Andrews has let engulf our state.

“A Matthew Guy Government will put victims first.”

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