Opposition Press Releases


Paramedic safety delayed under Daniel Andrews

Opposition Press Releases

Following another violent attack in Epping on paramedics overnight, the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee has heard from Tony Walker, CEO of Ambulance Victoria, that AV had been asking for body-worn cameras for paramedics for two years before the trial was funded.

During the trial of cameras, which has now been running for about 9 months in Metro West Melbourne, PAEC heard there were 90 dangerous incidents which prompted paramedics to switch on their cameras, 1 every 3 days.

Paramedics report that body-worn cameras make them feel safer and could have captured evidence about the 147 assaults on paramedics last year.

Violence against paramedics or emergency service workers is never acceptable, which is why the Liberal Nationals will introduce a Private Member’s Bill to Parliament next week, to clarify the mandatory minimum sentencing laws for assaults on first responders such as paramedics.

We hope that all parties will support the legislation and its smooth passage through parliament next week.

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