Opposition Press Releases


What does an Andrews Labor Greens Government mean for Victorians?

Opposition Press Releases

In November this year Victorians will have a clear choice.

Victorians will be able to choose between two coalition governments – a stable Liberal Nationals Government with bold policies or a chaotic and dysfunctional Labor Greens Government.

Acting Leader of the Greens Ellen Sandell let the cat out of the bag on Channel 7 news last night about the Greens and Labor working together to form a coalition government.

The consequences of a Labor Greens Government will be less money on roads, an even softer approach on law and order, worse economic management, more waste and higher unemployment.

A Liberal Nationals Government will focus on decentralising Victoria’s population, building more highways and fixing arterial roads, running a better economy that’s good for jobs and cracking down on violent criminals and gangs.

At the last election in an attempt to win support from the Greens, Daniel Andrews promised to tear up the East West Link contract promising it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. That lie to win Greens votes cost taxpayers $1.3 billion. Imagine how much money Daniel Andrews is prepared to waste at the next election to win Greens support?

The choice is clear. Victorians can’t afford a Labor Greens Government.

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