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A Liberal Government to upgrade Diggers Rest Primary School

Opposition Press Releases

The Diggers Rest Primary School is a great local success story where school leaders, the community and parents have all worked together to create a fantastic culture.

That’s why a Liberal Government will fund an upgrade of the school facilities at Diggers Rest Primary School to help continue the growth of this great local school.

Enrolments at the school have gone from around 80 to just over 200 with an expected school population of 260 next year.

School numbers are expected to continue to rise in the coming years given the development occurring in the local area and it being the only school in Diggers Rest.

The schools administration buildings are in need of an upgrade as they can’t accommodate teaching staff due to the original poor design and lack of space.

A Liberal Government will fund $2 million for “Stage 1” of the master plan, including the extensive internal refurbishment of the existing administration building, including creation of a Prep Learning Centre and other additional works that can be achieved with this extra funding.

Comments attributable to Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy:

“There’s been a huge population growth in this area but Daniel Andrews and Josh Bull have no plan to provide the extra school, health and roads infrastructure to accommodate that growth.

Melbourne’s ‘out of control’ population boom has not spared the north western suburbs from immense growth pressures.

Cass Marr is a great advocate for this community and is always arguing the case for more local funding so health, education and police services keep up with population growth.

Daniel Andrews and Josh Bull have a plan for the next election. Cass Marr and the Liberals have a plan for the next generation.”

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