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Make Victoria Safe: More PSOs for Dandenong Station

Opposition Press Releases

Every Victorian deserves to be safe and feel safe while using public transport.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will increase the number of PSOs at Dandenong Railway Station to keep Victorians safe on public transport.

Commuters will benefit from a second day time shift of PSOs as part of the additional 100 transit PSOs under a Liberal Nationals Government.

At the moment, PSO shifts are from 6pm until the last train.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will introduce a new and additional daytime shift between 10am and 6pm for up to 20 railway stations identified as daytime crime hotspots.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will work with Victoria Police and The Police Association Victoria to recruit and deploy 100 new PSOs on the new daytime Transit PSO roster.

Crime data obtained from the Crime Statistics Agency reveals a surge in public nuisance crime in Dandenong since Daniel Andrews was elected with an overall crime increase of 7.04%. In addition to this, there was an 88.89% increase in crimes that involve throwing an object that endangers people, as well as a 17.44% increase in assaults of police and emergency services officers, the very people who are meant to be protecting us.

Despite initially criticising PSOs and labelling them “plastic police”, Labor has kept this successful policy.

Frontline police numbers have fallen under Daniel Andrews with Police Association figures showing there are now 190 fewer uniform officers than in 2013 despite Victoria’s population increasing by over half a million people.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Edward O’Donohue:

“A Liberal Nationals Government will make Victoria safer.

We are going to put more police on the beat and more PSOs at train stations like Dandenong.

If we are going to encourage more people to use more public transport then we need to make sure users are safe and feel safe.

That’s why our policy is more frontline police, more PSOs, tougher sentences and to make bail and parole harder to get.”

Comments attributable to Member for the South Eastern Metropolitan Region, The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips:

“The Liberal team, led by Matthew Guy, is committed to ensuring the safety of commuters using Dandenong Railway Station.

A Liberal Nationals Government will increase frontline police numbers as well as expand the PSO program to keep public transport users safer.”

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