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5G Mobile Connectivity across Victoria’s Rail Network

Opposition Press Releases

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will commence immediate discussions with telecommunication providers, the Commonwealth, public transport operators and other interested stakeholders about how to best utilise existing State Government infrastructure and assets, to roll out leading edge 5G mobile connectivity services across Victoria’s railway network.

As in any modern society, Victoria’s public transport users rightfully expect to be able to access emails, social media, and entertainment as they commute across the rail network. They also rightfully expect and deserve a fast, seamless digital connectivity service without dropouts and fluctuating speeds. This requirement is also essential for any business rail network traveler.

On this measure, Labor has failed those Victorians who make some 252 million passenger trips across the rail network each year. It believes Victoria’s rail patrons will put up with old, slow speed technology that is plagued by blackspots and is limited to only a few service lines across the rail network.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government can and will do better. We will allow full access to VicTrack property and facilities to help with the trial, development and installation of effective 5G services by interested telcos.

This will help deliver a digital mobile connectivity service that Victorian rail commuters expect and deserve.

The 5G nodes along the rail corridor will also provide vital anchor points for 5G mobile connectively to the broader community.

Fast, reliable, seamless communication connectively will deliver other benefits including improved safety during the bushfire season, and other state emergencies. It will also boost productivity, and the livability and connectivity of regional Victorian cities.

This commitment builds on the Liberal Nationals’ pledge to revolutionise Victoria’s passenger rail network by delivering European-style High Speed Rail right across Victoria slashing travel times, and improving reliability.

It also follows the Liberal Nationals’ $633 million announcement to replace all diesel hauled country rail services with six-carriage, long haul, VLocity railcars.

Only the Liberal Nationals will get Victoria moving and connected on our rail network

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis:

“Rail commuters rightfully expect and deserve leading edge, fast, reliable, seamless digital communication connectivity as they commute across the rail network.

Only an elected Liberal Nationals Government will deliver leading edge, fast, reliable, seamless communication connectively across Victoria’s rail network, making commuting time more productive and enjoyable.

Leading edge 5G mobile connectivity nodes across the rail network will provide vital anchor points for access to 5G digital services to the broader community, therefore supporting greater decentralisation of Victoria’s population and jobs.”

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