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Victoria’s population exploding

30 March, 2017
Today’s ABS population statistics confirm that without a comprehensive plan to manage Victoria’s population, we are at risk of becoming Au... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ gifts for criminals program

30 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews' expanded drug court will see offenders given free footy tickets and supermarket vouchers just for complying with drug treatment orders... Read more


29 March, 2017
Hazelwood is in the process of its shutdown with more than 750 workers to lose their jobs and thousands more local jobs indirectly affected.  ... Read more

Monash Children’s Hospital opens, but no Paediatric ED

28 March, 2017
In 2010 the Victorian Liberal Nationals promised $250 million to deliver a new world-class Monash Children’s Hospital in Clayton. As w... Read more

Hazelwood shutdown: end of an era of secure and affordable power

27 March, 2017
Today the Hazelwood Power Station begins its shutdown and hundreds of Latrobe Valley workers lose their jobs. This is the outcome that Daniel Andrews ... Read more

The Ghost of Ocean Grove

27 March, 2017
It was reported last weekend that no residents or staff at Ocean Grove’s caravan parks could be found that had ever seen Don Nardella, despite h... Read more

Another report criticises youth justice under Daniel Andrews

23 March, 2017
Whilst most attention has been focused on Daniel Andrews refusing to cut his Labor rorters loose, it has also been a shocking day for Jenny Mikakos wi... Read more

Andrews Government focused on “love and care” for criminals

23 March, 2017
Yesterday in Question Time the fourth Corrections Minister in the last 15 months, Gayle Tierney demonstrated yet again why the justice system in Victo... Read more

Victoria's 72 days dark days ahead

23 March, 2017
Because of Daniel Andrews’ reckless energy policy decisions leading to the closure of Hazelwood, Victoria now faces 72 days of power shortfall i... Read more

Andrews running protection racket for rorting mates

21 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews has today doubled-down on the protection racket for his rorting mates instead of coming clean to Victorians. The findings of the&n... Read more

Andrews must come clean on plans to tear up planning protections

20 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews must come clean on plans to tear up planning protections. Daniel Andrews and his Planning Minister released their so-called Plan M... Read more

Liberal Nationals to protect right to home schooling

20 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews is unreasonably targeting home school families, and failing to treat them with the respect they deserve.  The Liberals Nation... Read more

Dan's Dodgy Desal Deal

19 March, 2017
Water customers already pay more than $600 million a year that is supposed to keep the Desal Plant in running order.  It's ludicrous of Daniel An... Read more

Heyfield mill

17 March, 2017
The Andrews Government has disgracefully abandoned 260 workers at Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ Heyfield mill by failing to guarantee a viab... Read more

Andrews must cut ties with those who urge lawbreaking

16 March, 2017
It is little wonder Daniel Andrews is refusing to take action on Victoria’s law and order crisis when his union paymasters are cheering people o... Read more

Crime up 20% under Daniel Andrews

16 March, 2017
The Crime Statistics Agency has today reported Victoria’s latest crime figures. In the year to 31 December 2016, offences that were up included:... Read more

Andrews taking Victoria down the same path as South Australia

14 March, 2017
Having plunged South Australia into darkness with its ideological renewables policy, SA Labor is left with no choice but to build a taxpayer-funded fo... Read more


14 March, 2017
The sentences handed down to two violent criminals who shot a police officer in the head only days after they got out of jail symbolises everything th... Read more

Andrews’ energy crisis

14 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews created this energy crisis and now he’s hoping some media stunts will help dig him out of the mess.  Daniel Andrews tri... Read more

Victoria facing energy crisis

09 March, 2017
Daniel Andrews is taking Victoria back to the dark ages, with the state facing blackouts and soaring power prices that will see households pay hundred... Read more
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