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Taxes up 20%, but no guarantee of a return

31 May, 2017
Housing Minister Martin Foley has failed to answer basic questions on his portfolio at a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC) appearance tod... Read more

Unless it's mandatory sentencing the courts will ignore it

30 May, 2017
Victorians will be left scratching their heads today after the latest chapter of Victoria’s inadequate sentencing laws after Caleb Jakobsson was... Read more

Andrews Government literally has no answers for youth justice crisis

30 May, 2017
What today’s Youth Justice inquiry and PAEC hearings show is that the youth justice system under Daniel Andrews is getting worse not better. ... Read more

Shepparton rail users are missing out on the services they need and deserve.

29 May, 2017
Under the Andrews Labor Government, Shepparton won’t see any extra weekday train services until at least 2020. Despite the fanfare aro... Read more

WestGate Distributor

29 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ own EES documents on the West Gate Distributor shows that according to their own estimates around 8,000 trucks will come off the... Read more

Electricity disconnections soar 44 per cent

25 May, 2017
Background: During the January-March 2017 quarter, the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) registered 222 actual electricity disconnection... Read more

Victims need to plead for justice under Daniel Andrews

25 May, 2017
It has been reported today that a victim of a violent carjacking has had to fight for justice by starting an online petition. According to&n... Read more

Liberal Nationals will campaign to protect the CFA

25 May, 2017
It is Liberal Nationals policy to respect our CFA volunteers and not break up the CFA. Any Labor, Green or Independent MP who votes to destr... Read more

We need mandatory sentencing, not a talkfest

25 May, 2017
The answer is mandatory sentencing not another talkfest.  We don’t need committees of bureaucrats to make recommendations; we need str... Read more

Crime tsunami continues – Daniel Andrews caught stealing policies

25 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews continues to steal or partially copy more Liberal Nationals law and order policies.   If the Premier is going to copy ou... Read more

Pulford puts head in sand on impact of CFA change on country

25 May, 2017
Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford today shamefully refused to answer questions in Parliament on the Victorian Government’s plan, annou... Read more

Daniel Andrews isn’t a leader, he’s a divider

24 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews has reached a new low by merging a cancer compensation bill with a bill to bolster union power.   Daniel Andrews isn&rsq... Read more

Labor leading fox control off track

24 May, 2017
Jaala Pulford’s lack of interest in the wild dog control program looks to have extended to the resoundingly successful Fox Bounty. “U... Read more

PSO announcement

23 May, 2017
In an acknowledgement of the crime tsunami sweeping across Victoria, the Andrews Government has today announced more powers for PSOs and a PSO flying&... Read more

Daniel Andrews – never wrong for long

23 May, 2017
In June 2015, Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas claimed they needed a 70 year monopoly clause in the Port of Melbourne lease.   Now the And... Read more

Odds on new tax will have no benefit to racing

23 May, 2017
Racing Minister Martin Pakula has refused to guarantee the Andrews Labor Government’s new online gambling tax will provide any benefit to the ra... Read more

Andrews’ land valuation tax grab will cause job losses and service cuts

22 May, 2017
Daniel Andrews’ sneaky land tax grab, driven by moving from two yearly to annual land valuations will force councils to cut local services to pa... Read more

Daniel Andrews ripping apart the CFA

19 May, 2017
This attempt by Daniel Andrews to rip apart the CFA will result in the loss of thousands of volunteer firefighters and that will put the lives and pro... Read more

Hypocrisy thy name is Daniel Andrews

19 May, 2017
Today in launching his uncosted plan to break up the CFA - which is apparently so critically important he didn’t even take it to voters at the l... Read more

Almost 7,000 Victorian jobs gone in just one month

18 May, 2017
Today’s figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that in the last month alone, 6,761 Victorians lost their full time jobs.  Th... Read more
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