Statute Law Repeals Bill 2014


Debate resumed from 12 February 2015; motion of Mr JENNINGS (Special Minister of State).

Mr RICH-PHILLIPS (South Eastern Metropolitan) — I am pleased to rise briefly to speak to the Statute Law Repeals Bill 2014 this afternoon, which is a bill of four clauses and one single operative clause, which is to repeal the Appropriation (2010/2011) Act 2010, the Appropriation (Parliament 2010/2011) Act 2010, the Appropriation (2011/2012) Act 2011 and the Appropriation (Parliament 2011/2012) Act 2011. This is a simple bill that does not require any debate. These bills are spent bills, and it is appropriate that the statute book be cleaned up and they be repealed.

It is ironic that the government has brought on this bill to repeal these previous appropriation bills today, the day on which it has brought down its latest budget — a budget which, contrary to the promises made by the Premier, imposes some six new taxes on Victorians. We saw the Premier looking into the camera on Channel 7, two days before the election in 2014, promising no new taxes. He said:

I make that promise … to every single Victorian.

Of course in every budget this government has brought down we have seen a raft of new taxes and tax measures introduced. In fact in this year's 2017–18 budget tax revenue is some $4 billion higher than was forecast in the pre-election budget update back in November 2014 — around $2000 extra for every Victorian family under the budget of this government. What we are not seeing in return is the services and infrastructure that Victorians need.

This budget once again has failed to fire with Victorians. It has been remarkable to watch the commentary today about the lack of substance that this budget has. If you get beyond the tax increases, there is actually very little there for Victorian families. But we have come to expect that from this government. That was the case with the earlier budgets, and as we properly assess this budget over the coming weeks and as this house has the opportunity to debate this budget properly, we will see that in detail.

This budget simply repeals the appropriation bills of 2010–11 and 2011–12. It does nothing more than that, and I imagine it will have speedy passage through the house.
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