Cranbourne rail line duplication


MR RICH-PHILLIPS (South Eastern Metropolitan) — Last week's budget demonstrated once again that the Andrews government does not understand or respect the real infrastructure needs of people living in the outer suburbs. The government chose to wilfully ignore the significant transport needs of people in the south-east. In Cranbourne there are many examples of Daniel Andrews's disregard for local transport infrastructure needs, but none better than his continued refusal to duplicate and extend the Cranbourne railway line.

Daniel Andrews's latest budget provides zero dollars of funding towards this important project. The failure to fund important infrastructure in Cranbourne comes as no surprise following the Minister for Public Transport's recent comment that the project would not be a priority for the government for another 15 years.

Cranbourne residents will not lie down on this issue. A recent petition of Cranbourne residents requesting that the Andrews government commit to and fund the duplication of the Cranbourne rail line from Dandenong to Cranbourne and the extension of the Cranbourne rail line to Cranbourne East and Clyde has now received over 1350 signatures. The people of Cranbourne deserve strong support in their ongoing campaign for the improved transport infrastructure they desperately need. The Premier should lead in providing this support. However, the government's latest budget demonstrates that he clearly will not do this.
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