Narre Warren railway station car parking


MR RICH-PHILLIPS (South Eastern Metropolitan) — I draw the house's attention to the plight of commuters using the Narre Warren railway station, which is one of the busiest railway stations in the south-east, on the Pakenham line. It is a station which currently has around 600 car spots in its car park, but due to works that are being undertaken by the Level Crossing Removal Authority or Public Transport Victoria (PTV) around 150 of those spots are currently closed for a period of around two months, which is around one-quarter of the capacity of that railway station car park. This is causing enormous disruption to commuters using that railway station, and the only advice that has been provided by PTV is that commuters should consider going to Sandown Park railway station, some 24 kilometres away, which is a simply absurd proposition that has been put as a way of addressing that issue.

What we do have in the streets adjacent to the Narre Warren railway station are areas of council parking in the Rebound Court area, which are largely unused due to some businesses in that area closing. Nonetheless, commuters who have been parking in that area, which is 4-hour parking, have been fined by the City of Casey, and 63 infringements have been issued since the restrictions on parking at the railway station were imposed in August. An obvious solution to this problem is for Public Transport Victoria to work with the City of Casey to make at least some of those spots in Rebound Court available on an all-day basis to railway commuters. It is only for a short period of time, and that would help to alleviate the problem which has been created by PTV, whose only solution is to go to Sandown Park.

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