Young Street, Frankston


MR RICH-PHILLIPS (South Eastern Metropolitan) (09:56:08) — The Andrews government's so-called Young Street improvement project, to improve Young Street, Frankston, and the Frankston railway station, has been a disaster from the moment it was announced. The project commenced with a consultation phase that dragged on and failed to address major issues around the precinct, including parking at Frankston station, which is a major and ongoing problem for the city. Since the commencement of building works on this project, poor project planning and delays have plagued the project and significantly impacted upon Frankston locals. In particular, local businesses located in Young Street have lost significant business due to road closures and disruptive construction work preventing effective customer access to their shopfronts.

The government failed to effectively communicate with local businesses about known delays and failed to deliver on its initial assurances to businesses that work could be completed according to a reasonable and reliable time line. On top of this, the government failed dismally to provide any form of assistance or compensation to local businesses struggling or closing as a direct result of significant impact of delays to the project's time line. In recent weeks Young Street was reopened to traffic and public transport, around eight months later than its original completion date of March 2017. Bizarrely VicRoads have issued a statement that says:

Some recent bus trials have been completed and we're working through the operational details to get bus services back into Young Street as soon as possible.

What does that mean? It means VicRoads have actually built the bus lanes and the bus bays in this project too small for buses. We have an agency that is supposed to be the state's leading road management agency that does not even know the size of the buses it runs through the City of Frankston. We have yet another monumental stuff-up by VicRoads and this government, which cannot even manage the most basic of projects.

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