MR RICH-PHILLIPS (South Eastern Metropolitan) (09:52:12) — Last week the Ombudsman released her investigation into the red shirt staffing rorts matter, which of course has highlighted the way in which members of this current government misused their electorate office staffing entitlements for party political purposes. The Ombudsman found — to the extent that her inquiry was able to get to the bottom of this matter — that some $388 000 was rorted by members of the Labor Party in the last Parliament in an effort to leverage political advantage.

In particular in the south-east we saw Mr Pakula, then the member for Lyndhurst, rort $5354 from his electorate office budget to contribute to Labor Party campaign activity in Mordialloc. It beggars belief that a man who is now the Attorney-General of Victoria did not understand that he could not use his electorate office budget in an entirely different seat. This is the man who went on to then try and block the inquiry through appeals in the Court of Appeal and the High Court. Mr Pakula by his actions has demonstrated that he is not fit to be Attorney-General and is not fit to be a member of this place, and he should resign.

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