Congratulatory Messages

Gordon is happy to arrange congratulatory messages for 50th and 60th Wedding Anniversaries, as well as 90th and 100th birthdays. Gordon can arrange messages from both the Prime Minister and the Premier of Victoria for your special occasion.

Messages from Her Majesty the Queen are only available for 100th birthdays and 60th wedding anniversaries and can also be arranged through Gordon.

As the Department of Protocol requires some form of proof before sending out congratulatory messages, it is always advisable to provide a copy of either a marriage certificate or birth certificate when providing details of your request. If you no longer have the certificates you may sign a sworn declaration advising of the date and place of either marriage or birth.

You should also provide the full name(s) of people to whom the message is to be sent, as well as the address you require the messages sent to, and also the date you would like the message to be received by.

Please contact the office well in advance to ensure your messages are received by the due dates.

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